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Mindset Matters

Exploring thoughts, feelings and emotions encourages people to move beyond their comfort zone to reach an outcome of long-lasting transformational change.

Hear from some of our clients


Organisational Development Lead & Project Owner

“Ensuring our people have the right mindset is essential to achieving Dstl’s purpose, to maximise the impact of science and technology for the defence, security and prosperity of the UK. The development of a mindset of Growth is an essential element of a blended development offering to Dstl staff. It sits at the core of a group of other closely aligned development offerings where the right mindset is a key enabler, most notably in leadership development, systems thinking and consultancy. An original, award-winning EI programme was led and developed by Rich Cook between 2006 and 2017. When the contract was tendered in 2018, we selected Mindset Practice to work on a new programme because of their fresh ideas and innovative approach. Since winning the contract, Mindset Practice have worked closely and effectively with Dstl to ensure that the programmes, underpinned by straightforward and applicable practical tools, are tailored for our people. The mindset development programmes that Mindset Practice have designed and are delivering for us are already making a difference by ensuring our people are more likely to have a mindset of Growth. This approach has improved our leadership skills and communication proficiency, improving collaboration between staff – and between staff and stakeholders – helping us to maximise the impact of science and technology for our customers.”


Head of UK Learning

“Mindset Practice bring the exact accessible insight that I have been looking for, the sessions for our early careers programme at Thales have received fantastic feedback and we will now be working together to deliver our leadership programmes. Jackie and Rich are absolute masters in their field and are a delight to partner with.”