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Mindset for Growth and Care provides targeted feedback, skills and tools to support self-compassion, inclusion, resilience, wellbeing and adaptability.

A powerful blend of bespoke health and care experiential learning and targeted feedback from the Growth Indicator inspires care professionals to move from a mindset of Survival to Growth.  

Mindset for Growth and Care is powered by integrated feedback from the Growth Indicator.
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Programme Outcomes

  • Develop a mindset of Growth that enables healthcare professionals to deliver compassionate care and look after themselves, rather than at the expense of themselves
  • Create a language of Growth and Survival in the workplace that shapes safe and effective team working
  • Enable transformation, culture and change at scale within healthcare
  • Increase accountability and release blocked potential
  • Reduce incidences of burnout and build sustained resilience
  • Improve inclusion and psychological safety

Best Suited For

  • Leadership and health care professionals development at all levels 
  • Culture change at scale
  • Team development 

Completion Time

  • 6 hours of learning. Can be used as a self-managed learning solution or it can be supported by workshops or webinars

Sustaining Learning​

  • Complimentary full retake of the Growth Indicator
  • Comprehensive group reporting to evaluate training impact using research questions tailored specifically to health and care
  • 12 months access to the Mindset Practice development platform (including Growth Trackers and the FABB for 66 days habit change tool)

Programme Reviews

“After 17 years as a Nurse in Emergency departments and currently working as a Senior Sister in an Emergency Department and Major Trauma Centre I was feeling a bit frustrated, lacking direction, and looking for general guidance to deal with the challenges of my job.

Access to the Mindset for Growth and Care programme  has revolutionised my outlook and understanding of ‘me’. I never knew that my inner thoughts and emotions had such a direct impact on the way I behave, perceive, and portray myself in both my professional and family life.

The concepts of growth and survival and placing these within my life immediately highlighted the differences between my personal and professional life.

At work the pressure and strain of ED nursing has obviously taken its toll over so many years. But the realisation that I could improve my attitude at work by recognising emotions and taking a moment to be choiceful in my response, gave me clear  understanding of how to improve my outlook and ultimately gain the control which I never thought I had.

I now have the ability to recognise my emotions, question them and their intent, to shape my actions and response pulling me out of survival mode into growth. This has made my mind much clearer at work and allowed me to question, challenge and respond in a much more positive manner.”

“I can’t change an organisation on my own, but I can change my mindset within the organisation which ultimately makes me a much happier person and has recharged my attitude and outlook.”