Digital programmes to transform leadership capability and talent

Experiential mindset development grounded in humanity

Our digital learning programmes and people-development tools focus on developing a mindset of Growth, helping to boost participants’ wellbeing and improve performance – particularly in challenging modern times. They are backed by scientific evidence and hundreds of workplace success stories.

What is the power of Mindset Practice?

Our research shows people are more resistant to change and learning when in a mindset
of Survival.  Talent and potential is blocked.  People fail to leverage full value from wider development programmes.  Transformation is short-lived. 

Mindset Practice unlocks sustainable performance change by transforming mindset
from Survival to Growth.

Transforming mindset from Survival to Growth

Transformational change happens when people are empowered with awareness and tools to integrate
their mindset, feelings and behaviour (effectiveness).

We offer a range of experiential learning programmes
and psychometric tools to empower people to speak up,
take accountability and inspire others to Growth too.

Through our toolkit of three Practices for Growth,
people become more:

  • Curious about their mindset and intention
  • Present with their feelings and the feelings
    of others
  • Choiceful, accountable and responsible
    for their thoughts and actions

Mindset to Growth Programme

The six-hour experiential digital learning programme has everything teams and individuals need to navigate a complex world assertively and proactively.

  • Inspire participants to move from a mindset of Survival to Growth
  • Gain a positive response to change and enhance learning agility
  • Suitable for leadership and talent development at all levels
  • Enable culture change at scale utilising feedback from the Growth Indicator

“Amazing course! The first course in years where I have gone away motivated to learn and implement action.”

Mindset to Lead Programme

The 16 hour self paced, digital programme develops Leaders to consistently show up from Growth and inspire others to improved performance.

  • Enable compassionate, performance driven leadership 
  • Receive powerful insights from the Growth Profile and Growth Climate 360
  • Gain practical tools to transfer learning back in the workplace for yourself and your teams
  • Suitable for leadership development and high potential talent

“It is one of the best courses I have been on. The material was clear and the online resources will be really helpful for me now and in the future.”

Enabling your Growth Climate Programme

Enabling your Growth Climate is a 4 hour, self-managed digital programme supporting individuals to understand the impact they have on others and the climate they create

  • Enabling your Growth Climate uses feedback from the Growth Climate 360 to answer the question: what is the tone and climate you create with others?
  • Gain the tools to create a climate of psychological safety
  • Improve engagement and levels of performance
  • Suitable for leadership, talent development, culture change and STEM talent

“I learnt how to stay positive in times of work pressures and turn what might be a negative into a positive. I also learnt more about me and what my colleagues might perceive about me, which allowed me to put clear actions into place”

Enabling Effective Teamwork and Collaboration Programme

EETC is delivered over 1 – 2 days of interactive and experiential virtual learning designed to enhance the collaboration, creativity, agility and psychological safety of teams. 

  • The programme focuses on interpersonal style and the climate created with others. 
  • EETC provides the tools to turn defensive, Survival behaviour off and Growth behaviour on
  • EETC is suitable for teams seeking to increase collaboration, develop powerful relationships and increase psychological safety

“The openness and vibrancy really set the tone of the course and I thought that was spot on. Thank you, I really valued the coaching.”

Mindset for
Growth & Care Programme

Designed specifically for health and care professionals. The six-hour experiential digital learning programme delivers a powerful blend of bespoke health and care experiential learning and targeted feedback.

  • Enables healthcare professionals to deliver compassionate care and look after themselves, rather than at the expense of themselves
  • Reduce incidences of burnout and build sustained resilience
  • Create a language of Growth and Survival in the workplace that shapes safe and effective team working
  • Suitable for health care professionals at all levels

“Mindset for Growth and Care has enhanced me as a person, which can only be great for me to take into work.”

Mindset Practice Licensed Practitioner Accreditation

It’s never been easier to join our pioneering and supportive Licensed Practitioner Training programme.  Our Practitioner Training enables you to deliver world-class mindset development training at scale. 

  • By the end of the training you’ll be licensed to use our Growth Indicator psychometric, Growth Climate 360, and digital programmes, Mindset to Growth and Enabling Your Growth Climate.
  • Achieve sustainable results with our dynamic psychometric programmes and practical, applied tools 
  • Gain the competence and confidence to support your clients 

We work with forward-thinking organisations and individuals who strive to make life better for their teams and their clients. 

Head to  our Practitioner Training page to find out more.