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Interpersonal Growth Indicator

The Interpersonal Growth Indicator provides feedback and insight on seven habits key to powerful, collaborative relationships.  It makes clear the link between mindset, our interpersonal style and whether we create a climate of Growth or Survival.

  • Relationship specific feedback report focused on 7 key habits critical to interpersonal effectiveness:  Self Belief, Belief in Others, Present with Self, Present with Others, Collaborative Inclusion, Mindful Influence and Interpersonal Connection 
  • Extends and builds from Will Schutz’s FIRO theory on those behaviours key to powerful relationships
  • Enable participants to understand how their interpersonal style changes when moving from a mindset of Growth to Survival
  • Identify Survival habits that have the biggest impact on participant’s ability to collaborate effectively
  • Interactive feedback reports reduce the need for expert intervention, increases self-managed learning and leaves more time for added value coaching and facilitation
  • Leverage extra value from existing development tools, including personality or strengths profiling.  
  • In-built before and after ROI reporting on key performance metrics including shifts in Growth and Survival habits, engagement, resilience, intent to quit and other important factors
Survival Growth Climate

Best Suited For

  • Building high performing teams
  • Transforming leadership climate and culture 
  • Enabling effective collaboration 
  • Improving sales and service team customer interactions

Completion Time

  • 10 minutes completion time

Sustaining Learning​

  • Comprehensive, evidence-based development actions provided for each habit
  • 12-month access to the FABB for 66 days habit change and Growth Tracker applications to quantify developmental change
  • Supporting animation allows informed yet challenging discovery during and after the development event
  • Complimentary group reporting provides valuable intelligence on overall group capabilities. This can be used to inform future support and to quantify ROI.