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Mindset Practice believes passionately in making the biggest possible difference to everyone’s lives.

We all benefit from care that is both compassionate and effective. We can’t change factors like a lack of investment or resources in health and social care. However, we can support the people. Those people that make the biggest difference.  

Over 20 years of research finds that a climate of psychological safety (i.e. a climate of Growth rather than Survival) is linked to improved error reporting, improvements in quality, engagement and higher levels of performance. Crucially, choosing to create a climate of psychological safety starts at an individual level. Mindset matters.

Our founder Rich Cook and fellow Director Jackie Grier have over a decade’s worth of experience applying mindset development in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). We have created, for the first time, a suite of digital programmes designed specifically to meet the unique needs of Health and Care professionals.