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Mindset matters

Did you know that professionals who demonstrate a mindset of Growth show significantly higher levels of resilience, wellbeing, learning agility and emotional intelligence?  Yet a performance-limiting 66% of people are stuck in Survival. 

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Mindset Practice enables sustained change through dynamic psychometric profiling, a unique 360 feedback tool (built around our Growth and Survival Climate framework) and integrated practical tools. 

Our products leverage extra value from existing development since the development of a mindset of Growth enables participants to:

  • explore and leverage their strengths – because they’ve learnt a state of mind to recognise and accept them in the first place
  • make the most of understanding their own personality and that of others – because they’ve learnt how to show up from Growth more often and choose to manage their personality and defensive behaviour
  • step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills that stick – because they’ve learnt how to be curious, resilient and compassionate with themselves when faced with challenges.

Participant led and not measurement led

Traditional psychometrics and feedback reports are measurement led not participant led.  Feedback is ‘presented’ as a number on a scale, a fixed colour or a category.  An expert is needed for the participant to both understand their feedback and act upon it.  An emphasis is placed on ‘how I scored’ rather than encouraging participant exploration and subsequent application.  

We believe there is a better way

Our approach combines psychometric insight with practical tools and method to enable a mindset switch from Survival to Growth.  This enables participants to:

  • own their own development 
  • understand, accept and choose to work with their Growth and Survival habits
  • make sense of their feedback from a mindset of curiosity and openness to change, rather than rejection or blind acceptance
  • actively manage their own Survival and Growth habits back in the workplace using integrated tools included in their feedback reports 
  • create a common language of performance across the organisation through role modelling and communication 
  • track their own performance improvement over 12 months using our unique Growth Tracker functionality
  • embed new habits using the FABB for 66 days habit change application
  • complete a complimentary full retake of the chosen mindset psychometric to enable a full comparison of performance improvements 

Organisations also benefit from complementary before and after ROI reporting on key performance metrics including shifts in Growth and Survival habits, engagement, resilience, intent to quit and other important factors.

The Mindset Practice Development Platform

The Mindset Practice Platform is our innovative online development platform.  It hosts all our digital learning programmes, mindset psychometric profiling and 360 feedback tools.  All Mindset Practice products and solutions are optimised for online access and self-managed learning.  

Accessible 24/7, the platform is unique in allowing participants to take responsibility for their development and learn at their own pace.  Our clients and Licensed Practitioners are able to:

  • take advantage of in-built customisation to make it uniquely yours and optimise learning for participants 
  • white label the platform to promote their own branding and integrate with their LMS

Explore our digital products

The Mindset Indicator provides you with feedback on the two key habits that underpin your Mindset and enable your performance from Growth or fuel performance from Survival.

  • Focused feedback on the two key habits that underpin all the others – Self Belief and Belief in Others
  • Fast 5 minutes completion time
  • Suitable for anyone looking to understand and apply the benefits of a mindset of Growth

The Growth Indicator provides unique insight into those Growth or Survival habits fundamental to improved resilience, emotional intelligence, collaboration, agility, confidence and self compassion.

  • Targeted feedback report focused on 6 key habits that underpin a mindset of Growth:  Self Belief, Belief in Others, Present with Self, Present with Others, Self Responsibility and Personal Resilience
  • Fast 8 minutes completion time
  • Suitable for all employees seeking to understand and apply the benefits of a mindset of Growth

Growth Profile is our comprehensive mindset development psychometric.  Growth Profile transforms habits pivotal to leadership from Growth including learning agility, dealing with ambiguity, emotional intelligence, authenticity, building powerful relationships and enabling others 

  • In-depth feedback report focused on the 14 key habits that underpin our Framework for Growth.  These habits include Self Belief, Belief in Others, Self Responsibility, Self Purpose and Improvement, Personal Resilience and those related to interpersonal effectiveness (e.g. Collaborative Inclusion, Mindful Influence etc)
  • 15 minutes completion time
  • The increased sophistication and deeper insights make the tool perfect for high potential and executive level development.

The Interpersonal Growth Indicator makes clear the link between mindset, our interpersonal style and whether we create a climate of Growth or Survival.

  • The Interpersonal Growth Indicator provides relationship specific feedback report focused on 7 key habits critical to interpersonal effectiveness:  Self Belief, Belief in Others, Present with Self, Present with Others, Collaborative Inclusion, Mindful Influence and Interpersonal Connection 
  • 10 minutes completion time
  • Suitable for those seeking to develop a high performing team, improve effectiveness and collaboration

The Growth Climate 360 enables participants to seek feedback on the shadow they cast as a leader or in their relationships:  do they create a climate of Growth or Survival?

  • Provides feedback against 6 distinct Growth and Survival styles drawn from research relating to defensive behaviour and the ‘dark side’ of personality, plus evidence observed from over a decade of mindset development facilitation
  • Typical 15 minute participant completion time –  Average 10 minute rater completion time
  • The powerful reporting provides valuable reflection for individuals, leaders and teams seeking to create a climate of Growth, inclusion and psychological safety.

Growth 360 allows licensed practitioners and organisations to take advantage of Mindset Practice’s class-leading 360 feedback functionality using their own bespoke content and competencies.

  • Your branded content – powered by 20 years of 360 feedback know-how and innovation.
  • Completion varies according to the content provided
  • Growth 360 is ideal for clients, coaches and facilitators who want to use a proven, experiential and evidence-based digital learning platform as a white label resource