Enabling growth mindset, choice and self belief

Imagine what could be achieved if everyone showed up consistently with a mindset of Growth

Where could a mindset of Growth take you?

We all have the potential to show up from a mindset
of Growth, instead of Survival. 

Mindset truly matters

In a complex uncertain world, our brains sense danger
all around us.  Unless we learn to choose otherwise most
people default to a mindset of Survival.  We’re reactive rather than proactive, resistant to change and reluctant to speak up. 

At Mindset Practice, our award winning solutions are changing this. 

Our people focused interactive digital solutions enable individuals and teams
around the world to overcome their habits of Survival and show up consistently
from a mindset of Growth.

People become more adaptable, collaborative, compassionate and resilient,
leading to sustained change in performance and wellbeing. 

How we do it differently

About Infographic Surv Grow

We place mindset at the core of all leadership and development programmes, allowing every individual to evolve from a mindset of Survival to Growth. 

Mindset Practice’s integrated practical tools and psychometrics are housed in an industry-leading digital learning platform.  By using an evidence-based, experiential approach which fosters personal awareness in thoughts, feelings and actions, we have proven that our mindset solutions can increase collaboration, improve self-belief and transform performance.  

The people at the heart of Mindset Practice

Mindset Practice was founded by Rich Cook, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. 
Rich has over 20 years deep expertise of designing mindset solutions and tools to deliver transformational change.  Together with Jackie Grier, a mindset development and applied emotional intelligence master facilitator, they lead a team passionate about delivering transformational change through the power of Mindset Practice.  

We’ve transformed the businesses and lives behind some of the biggest organisations in the world.