Enabling Effective Teamwork And Collaboration
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Enabling Effective Teamwork and Collaboration focuses on participants’ interpersonal style and the climate created with others

The programme works by helping participants understand how their mindset is the switch that controls how they show up.  Providing tools to turn defensive, Survival behaviour off and Growth behaviour on.

Enabling Effective Teamwork and Collaboration is underpinned by integrated feedback from the Interpersonal Growth Indicator.

Programme Outcomes

  • Feedback from the Interpersonal Growth Indicator identifies habits that enable Growth or create a climate of Survival
  • Improve collaboration, teamwork and psychological safety
  • Understand the psychological code of relationships 
  • Ensure effective conflict management and enable innovation
  • Extends and builds from Will Schutz’s FIRO theory on those behaviours key to powerful relationships
  • Learn tools to build a climate of compassion and sustained high performance 

Best Suited For

  • Building powerful relationships and teamwork at all levels
  • Accelerating collaboration in teams and with customers
  • Creating a climate of high performance and psychological safety

Completion Time

  • 1 – 2 days of interactive and experiential virtual or face-to-face learning

Sustaining Learning​

  • Comprehensive group reporting to evaluate training impact
  • 12 months access to the Mindset Practice development platform (including Growth Trackers and the FABB for 66 days habit change tool)

Programme Reviews

“It is one of the best courses I have been on. The material was clear and the online resources will be really helpful for me now and in the future.

The concept that it’s about how you are showing up ‘today’ and how there is a natural state and then how we show up isn’t always that state. Also I really learnt that we have the choice of Survival or Growth”.